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#NãoVaiTerGolpe, the hashtag that changes history

One month. This is the period from a historical curve in our democracy. On March 8, 2016, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) published the rite of impeachment and it was given the start of the coup. A coup yes, because the president Dilma Rousseff has committed no crime.

During this period, even with all the influence and manipulation of the mainstream media, what we saw were Brazilians who have moved on several fronts and with one unique goal: to stop the coup in progress and ensure the foundations of our democracy

With the power of social networks, trade unions and social movements and the involvement of opinion leaders, the debate won the squares, streets, universities, Brazil and the world. Each group or representative began to point out the legal and media maneuvering to give a legal aspect in what is, in fact, the attempt of opposition power outlet that does not want to go through elections.

We denounce the alliance of Brazil's economic elite, anchored with sectors of justice and mass media, especially the Globo organizations in manipulating the truth of the facts and repeat, as in 1964, a coup.

The movement #NãoVaiTerGolpe grew and receives support today from people who did not vote in President Dilma Rousseff, but know that if this coup actually happen is that democracy is at risk.


It is a Coup, yes!

Lawyers, artists, union leaders, social movements, journalists, students, scientists, teachers, musicians. Every day, new manifesting groups in Brazil and abroad denounce the coup process.

The press and the international community need to know what's going on. With coup plotters maneuvers, trying to undermine and jeopardize the Brazilian democracy and further destabilize our nation.

This is the historical curve. The challenge is heavy, but the popular reaction has made his role in changing directions on a board that seemed to already be fully defined; it is not.

Examples of more than 120 manifestations produced in recent weeks (see full list here).



We are requesting the help of the Brazilians abroad and the international community to maintain and expand the complaints and confront the coup. We have to keep the streets occupied, schools and universities debating.

We have to put pressure on Members of Parliaments to vote against the coup - we have to fight every day, relentlessly. Because, it is only through the exercise of our citizenship and mobilization that we can prevent a break in our democracy. #NãoVaiTerGolpe