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We are going to go on fighting for democratic election and protection of Brazilian people rights.

Note from the Popular Brazil Front

Along this week, all over Brazil and in other countries as well we were hundred of thousand citizens actively demonstrating and showing our support. We organized leaflets campaigns, public lectures, vigils, rood blocades, occupation, marches, and workers strikes seaking for dialogue and people’s awareness to this so falsely called judicial trial, which was being prepared in Porto Alegre city. And its meaning was: to continue the very coup that began in 2016.
Today, the whole country woke up asking where were the evidence of the court case against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. And, even without them, the judges of the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region decided to remain divorced from justice and truth, maintaining an unjust sentence.
The result did not surprise anyone. Sectors of the judiciary, who should have defended justice as a bastion, supported the attack on the Democratic State of Law, and now, in a political trial, carried out another act of this coup towards Brazilian democracy.
In record time, the judges read all the documents, testimony from the 73 witnesses and presented no evidence at all. Nothing! The main argument - we know very well - to convict Lula is that he leads all polls for the next election. They want to defeat Lula no matter what.
To remove from the Brazilian people the right to choose their presidential candidate in free elections and prevent their participation in defining the country's course are conditions for imposing the programme to eliminate workers' rights, destruction of the social state, surrender of our natural resources and submission to the US imperialism.
The elitist media, especially Globo Network, acts as an instrument of ideological struggle to manipulate society and to embarrass those who do not align with their political interests.
Although there is no evidence against Lula, there are "newspaper" stories and "commentaries" on TV shows to present evidence, which is nothing but a lie from media companies supporting the national destruction programme that is devastating the country.
It is not only Lula's right to be a candidate that is at stake. It is the course of our justice and democracy. We live under a state of exception in which an illegitimate ruler, elevated to the position by a parlament coup, joins a judiciary that does politics and does not do justice.
The forces that came to rule Brazil after the coup that swept away the first woman elected president, Dilma Rousseff, continue to exclude the Brazilian people from decisions about the country's direction. They are afraid of the ballot box, of the vote. They fear the popular will and therefore try to stop Lula from being a candidate.
The sectors that suck the Nation in a year, withdraw resources from education, science and technology, health and social service. They attacked the Federal Constitution of 1988, the CLT with the labor reform, they take away rights every day. The next step is the attack on our retirement.
Our struggle did not begin nor end today. The struggle for democracy will continue in the courts, on the streets and in the networks, as well as the fight in defense of public welfare and our right to retirement that is threatened with destruction by a reform under discussion in the National Congress. The Popular Brazil Front joins the trade unions in the loud cry that -  if one put to vote - Brazil will get stuck!
But our challenge even greater is to build the exits for the political and economic crisis that wreaks havoc on our country. Way out that meets the interest of the majority of our people. That is why the Popular Brazil Front calls on all those who want to make Brazil a strong, developed, independent nation with jobs and social justice, to engage in the construction of the Brazilian People's Congress to debate the future of the country and organize our struggles.
 We will continue to denounce that election without Lula is fraud, is the deepening of the coup. We will conti
nue to denounce and combat the attacks on the rights conquered by the people and the patrimony of the nation. Only unity and popular mobilization can put an end to this crisis and plant the seeds of a future with prosperity and a dignified life for the Brazilian people.